The Liquid Process

To ensure that we maintain our consistent high level of quality and performance, we follow a series of set phases throughout the project lifecycle.

Phase 1 - Meet

If possible we will come to meet you at your place of business. This meeting is to learn more about your business and the requirements for your web site along with its business goals and objectives. Shortly after this meeting we will meet again to present our proposal. When you accept our proposal we will explain and sign all necessary paperwork to begin work on your web site.

Phase 2 - Scope*

To ensure that your web site appeals to your target market, we will research some of your competitors and present our findings in a “Competitive Analysis Report” and “Voice Map” along with our recommendations and suggestions. At the same time we will supply documentation regarding the structure, workflow and content of your web site.

Phase 3 - Design

From our research and discussions with you we will design visual concepts of how your web site will look and provide any additional documentation regarding the technical requirements. Once the designs and technical requirements are approved we will begin construction.

Phase 4 - Construct

During the construction phase you will have access to sections of your web site as they become available. You will be encouraged to check and supply feedback on the progress of your web site. Near the end of the construction phase you will be given the ability to add or modify content to completed pages. Throughout this phase Liquid Interactive will perform user testing as well as tests on various web browsers and operating systems.

Phase 5 - Deliver

Once all testing and content has been completed and approved, your web site will go live and we will submit your site to the major search engines. We will continue to monitor your web site and check that the business goals and objectives are reached.

* Does not apply to Head Start packages.